Lucas Bar

A place to call home

Local History sets 1847 as the Year for the First Pub
in Lucas Creek (State Highway 17, Albany),
which was known as The Warfside Inn.
The Warfside Inn burned down in 1886;
The Year the existing building that still
Stands with us today was built.
This is now the site of ‘The Albany’.


Albany was called Lucas Creek until 1891.
It was named after Daniel Lucas,
a Whaler who’d come ashore and
set up a Flax Mill here in 1840.
Fast forward
to the Twenty-First Century
The Albany continues to do
the Community Proud
by offering a Memorable Experience
from the Simplistic Past Times
of a Cold Beer in our Garden,
to our Memorable Dining Experience
within our well Renowned Restaurant.
 The Albany still Trades
as one of the Most Iconic
Restaurants and Bars in New Zealand,
Holding a Strong Place in Many Kiwi Hearts
for Generations and Many Generations to Come.
We hope that in future years, The Albany is looked
after as well as it is today for it Represents that Generation
of Good Old Kiwi Pubs that will Succeed the Pioneer
Classics of the 19th Century.